should a wife give money to her husband

And more importantly 2. If the husband is a humble shopkeeper while the wife is a doctor, the husband still has the technical responsibility to support the household on his own. If you want to marry him then why does his fanancial obligations become a barrier? Given the focus of these questions, in this article we focus in on the husband-wife relationship. She says she is fine with it but I am not we have a joint bank account when we keep our savings as a couple she has give away over half the money to her family sister, brother and in laws. The way we’ll probably do it is I’ll pay the bulk (70/80% of deposit) but give my wife a 50% stake in the property (or hold it as joint-tenants). My husband came to know that I sent money and he thinks I should have told him and not hide . Who pays for childcare when the wife goes to work? Please can I ask what your thoughts are on the purchase of e.g. Even if there are such differences statistically across men versus women, it is a mistake to impute such differences to any individual as those scholars have done. I assume you are talking about the situation that prevails when you die. Well technically the wife has no financial responsibilities to the husband, her children, or maintaining the household. 3. 1. 4. What this verse is saying (among other things) is that men must look after/protect their wives  physically (particularly relevant for more dangerous parts of the world) and financially and are responsible for them. For what it is worth, should she predecease you, you will also be entitled to a legal right share of any wealth she has – again regardless of what it says in any will. And on top of that it is a priceless gift. What should the right thing to do? But i refuse to pay a salary .when a man pay a woman this is not good at all . That means you each look out for each other, cover up each others’ flaws, and fill in the gaps left by the other. My husband is 62, retired and I am 57, working part time. You don’t solidify the Islamic ruling in its own right. Question Details: My sister has the income and pays the bills. Especially when I leave for weeks at a time (take time off work not get paid or lose my job) to go stay with him where he studies inorder to take care of him (he struggles being alone, has severe anxiety), cook for him and take care of his house. I have a question if a husband leave hes wife because of she alcan work and help with the economic part because she is sick, what does Islam say about that? his children’s needs – even where he gets divorced and the wife takes the children; his wife’s needs (including lodging, clothing, food, cosmetics, health etc); and. What I found disappointing was that when you made the point where a Husband is solely responsible for his Wife financially even if the wife is wealthy – there is a Strong “but” followed with the wife “should” out of her kindness help him out if required. Ever since i closed my business and started working for small firm which did pay enough to cover my kids fees all the time. So we agreed. I dont know what to do.. Just going through bad patch for many years.. Everyone talks about woman right but here i am financially struggling with wife in full control and always taunting for my low income status.. And last i found his relationships with other womans too. Assalamu Alaikum. How can I be sure an enduring power of attorney will follow my wishes? He has indicated that if he gets a higher paying salary, he will pay for these things in future inshallah. I disclose to my wife what I send to my parents. Ibrahim holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, an Alimiyyah degree from the Al Salam Institute, and an MA in Islamic Finance. That way you get legal advice on your situation as well. She has the right to her own home and so there shouldn’t be other people to rely on her apart from her children and husband – she has no household responsibilities towards for example the husband’s brothers/sisters or parents or other family members. Same for the wife, does she need to do the same? The best gift a wife can give her husband is to love Jesus! and he is poor at this time struggling and especially due to the corona virus . Speaking personally, during the earlier part of my career my wife has loaned me money at times where otherwise it would been impossible to make ends meet. Inside Business - Is a post-Covid economic boom on the way? Indeed you have taken them on the security of Allah, and intercourse with them has been made lawful unto you by words of Allah. As long as you’re happy that your husband isn’t being foolhardy with his money and genuinely needs it- your approach sounds sensible. I have two daughters too. I am Sunni. Considering i pay for every thing and all what we need use or wish . You simply stated that a Wife “should” be focused on her duties and there was no mention of how her Husband “should” out of his kindness help her in this matter if required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Doesn’t sound like a responsible guy from your description. The shepherd hadith specifies guarding the husband’s property and children – and so long as that is achieved the wife has fulfilled her bare responsibility. Though he sometimes send some money when i go see a doctor. Another thing which I would like some clarification on is that if the wife passes away, how is her will executed according to Shria? My husband is very caring and a great father but this aspect of him is really killing the relationship. I am currently successful in my job and my husband has grown to be very successful Considering i pay for every thing and all what we need use or wish . I would like to know, is a wife obligated (by law, customs or otherwise) to give money to her husband and/or share their finances? I am willing to go for a khula option. Arguments for the former are that were the wife not to work she would look after the child (and as the hadith on shepherds suggests above, looking after children is primarily the responsibility of the wife). Apart that I will be paying everything in our marriage, from housing, food & clothing etc… for her, am I also obligated to pay a monthly allowance? ‘Aa’ishah said: “Hind bint ‘Utbah, the wife of Abu Sufyaan, entered upon the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said, ‘O Messenger of Allaah, Abu Sufyaan is a stingy man who does not spend enough on me and my children, except for what I take from his wealth without his knowledge. We are all familiar with the Islamic framework you have outlined – “The sharia and Islamic scholars are clear that the man has the major (almost exclusive) financial responsibility for his nuclear family.” It is an excellent example of how the patriarchal culture of the prophet’s era has intruded into religious thought, where it does not belong. I expect it is very rare, and applies only in very particular circumstances. Why is that? In this case, now that I do not have a job and my parents are sick and do not earn, is it an obligation on my husbands part to provide me with allowance/pocket money/take care of my basic expenses? We fly all 3 several times to holiday as well i support her parents( to be clear with more as 3 salary of local high school teacher /year ) if her family beed money we borrow some and give ss well some . I had suggested a monthly allowance to prevent feelings of resentment to which he refused. If I want to get married, I need to earn double the amount that I am earning right now. Bit of give and take, and lots of muddling along! He allocates a mediocre sum of money (4/125) to my bank account so that I can spend on the household expenses and he refuses to spend an extra penny out of his pocket. Insofar as you are talking about taking care of her financially during both your lifetimes, that too is, in practical terms, a yes. He may give that money as loan to his wife and charge a rate of interest, which should not be lower than 8%. Your wife and children deserve a reasonable standard of living, given your financial position. Notice I said “needs” not “wants”. My wife will be so mad at me if she found out that I put this video on the Internet. He don’t give me monthly allowance. I was earning good and she was starting her business which i support intially for 500000 rupees then she started to grow really well. It is always distressing when marriages break up, but you are certainly not alone in deciding there is enough room in the home for you both to lead effectively independent lives in the same property. If she does give anything at all, even if it is a small amount, then that would be considered sadaqah. I have joined my school only recently and it is a job meant only for bachelors. He has invested his money in stocks and lost all of it. When he goes to the store he doesn’t ask me if we need anything that I have to ask him if he can get items and he doesn’t seem to be happy to do so and seems annoyed by it. Your husband is technically obliged to meet your needs (not your parents). My husband lives in Pakistan as he is from there and has completed his Bachelors degree here in the U.K. however is completing his Masters Degree and working full time. During these tough times, I am doing a lot of research for personal curiosity’s sake. Talk it through – but the above article are really a summary of our thoughts. Ireland will be a major player in ‘super grid’ fuelled by offshore wind, predicts Minister. 2020-10-11 11:18 A man is the guardian of his family and he is responsible for them. We have been together about a year and a half and she has given me about 500! With regard to a husband giving his zakaah to his wife, Ibn al-Mundhir said: They (the scholars) are unanimously agreed that a man should not give his zakaah to his wife, because he is obliged to … You should retain legal ownership of the 40%. Great article! She loves it. Feel like more of a partner, than a wife. But since than my husband used to taunt me about my family for not giving anything in marriage and also he blamed me for his financial crises. You too have rights over them, and that they should not allow anyone to sit on your bed [i.e., not let them into the house] whom you do not like. In this case your wife is entitled to a minimum of one-third of the full value of your estate on the basis that there are children and/or grandchildren around. Should this be reflected in how much of the house she owns? We list out the role of a wife in a man’s life. In sum, if you have left no valid will your wife would be entitled to two-thirds of the estate given that she has children and/or grandchildren. a pursuit through which she gets remunerated) she should pay for it. I’m not saying my husband is cruel, just there are moments where he forgets I’m ill and makes me feel bad for not working. More Legal Topics All States Don’t put your husband on the defensive. this is the same story that I have been hearing for twenty years … and I am really fed up with it now. 70% of deposit)? You can check out a bunch of sharia-compliant investment options that we have vetted from across the globe here. Jazakallah. So, what exactly does a wife do that she is so important to her family? But if they do that, you can pull them up on that but not harshly. Where the husband is also the Karta of a Hindu Undivided Family, he could make advances or loans to his wife that she could utilise for earning an independent income of her own. send it via a family member of his. You should receive instructions for resetting your password. Is it fard? She has some advice, if it takes a long time, as in more than ten minutes, your girl could probably be better at it, or you have been … The nikah is very much a contract in Islam and one can add lots of further conditions therein (e.g. The way I see it, marriage will make me ultra poor. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. I like the way your discussion ends by advocating flexibility – “That’s how marriages work in reality. thatll take us 4-6 years to pay back. Asalamu Alaikum, He earns the same as me, we earn enough to live a good lifestyle (Alhamdullilah) However, he stated that we should go halves? Helping Muslims make smart and sharia-compliant decisions on their investments, personal finances and entrepreneurship journeys. This name will appear beside any comments you post. Also whenever I plan on visiting my husband my parents start arguing with me they say I shouldn’t waste my money that I earn on going and visiting him when’s it’s my earnings as i would need to pay for my ticket and when I’m in Pakistan with him he pays the rent and for our food. A desperate man has revealed how his wife won’t let him touch her and never instigates sex – as well as the reason why. The sharia and Islamic scholars are clear that the man has the major (almost exclusive) financial responsibility for his nuclear family. But, beware, it must be a legal separation. His mother who is divorced from his father but a second wife to another man (who does not financially support her) is reckless with her money, and uses a lot for haram things like lip fillers for example. No, not really. Guest Posted on 10-05-2012 at 1.39PM . he says its his responsibility to fulfill his duty towards his parents and sister. This is also helpful from an inheritance perspective later on as it makes it easier to stay in the property after your husband passes. Myself and my hubby got into a bit of argument regarding this. Good question – we’re going through this right now funnily enough. If not employment then they may feel obligated go share any savings which they accumulated pre marriage. Hope that helps iA. But the husband should understand the virtue of being generous towards his dependents, and treating his family kindly, and should understand that whatever he spends on his wife, he will be rewarded for it, for giving gifts increases love. There was no big “But” from you to say that the Husband “should” be helpful in the matters of the home too if he sees his wife is struggling. It may suit the couple’s situation very well, and religious preconceptions should not stigmatize it. But my wife started arguing and arguing over my future abd bad decisons and really it has been a mentall struggle.. “Yes, of course, I would give my money to my husband. When my son was born , he didnot spend a penny on buying things for him. When you have reset your password, you can, Please choose a screen name. Can I buy a home in Dublin on an average wage? I have reluctantly agreed to pay 50%. Does my wife have a claim on any money I may get or on any money I might inherit? If a husband feels his wife spends “beyond her means,” burning through too much money on clothes or shoes or a new car or whatever it is she buys, he needs to approach with caution. You should take steps to put your savings (especially personal savings) into accounts which he doesn’t have access to. Recently he has again taken out all of of our savings and invested again without asking or telling me. However, my husband does not believe he holds a financial responsibility lift towards me as I am earning. Blatant willful sexual denial by a wife toward her husband is an act of rebellion against God’s authority first, and then the authority he has given her husband second. Mostly its my parents who pay for all of my needs (food, shilter, medicines) I can’t even afford to buy my new clothes. i feel like giving money to his family for their needs is one thing but basically financing for a lot of shi*tty desi customs is just nonsense. What Islam says about it? The Qur’an says: “But the father of the child shall bear the cost of the mother’s food and clothing on a reasonable basis” [al-Baqarah 2:233], “Let the rich man spend according to his means; and the man whose resources are restricted, let him spend according to what Allaah has given him” [al-Talaaq 65:7]. We both work, but he barely helps me with providing for our kids with food and clothes. If I support my parents who are in need of financial help. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The net effect is, her salary/savings stay in her account and she can spend from that as she pleases, and where she makes any household purchases/food etc. Thank you for the helpful article. I have been married for twenty years and have worked all of these years. (but I didn’t want to disclose my family situation to him)what should I do ?as he looks upset that I didn’t ask or tell him before doing so. When we talk about gender differences, we are treading on dangerous ground. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. Of course, western culture was patriarchal too until recently, and Islam did improve the situation of women relative to what it had been. This is importnat when it comes to inheritance but also in case you get divorced. The above applies only to a wife giving her zakaah to her husband. He spends money on himself and saves the rest and when I ask him for money or to buy something we need he says he doesn’t have money but then he goes and buys expensive electronics or clothes/shoes. If you hadn’t your wife would presumably be advised to seek a maintenance order in the courts, and there is no mention of anything so formal in your arrangement. Whilst my husband has never made me pay 50% of our bills, this has always been an area of contention and if I don’t contribute sufficiently to joint savings this is what I keep hearing. While she doesn’t need to join in on all of her husband’s activities, a Christian wife should enjoy spending as much as time as possible with her spouse.Even though we don’t get to go as often as we would like, I love going fly-fishing with my husband. On the other hand , when you discuss the Wife’s responsibilities regarding caring for the home you failed to highlight that, 1. In the day i doing a consultancy project to support my business and in the night i running my call center.. You should not have to work to support your household against your wishes. If you love your spouse, you'd make her financially independent. There is no legal obligation – but in the interest of transparency its probably good. I feel like there’s always an expectation for a Woman to be lenient towards a man when it comes to his responsibilities which in turn in reality makes it easier for Men to cop out of their responsibility all together. Required fields are marked *. I have generally always supported my husband when his family has required financial assistance. Ultimately you both need to be comfortable with how you’re living together. Arguments for the latter are, that the nikah contract is in relation to sexual exclusivity – not childcare. I ask about it before but he refuse because he have a lot of bills to pay and saving for paying the visa so i can move to him. A man shouldn't be stingy with giving money to his family, but at the same time a wife shouldn't be overly demanding or reluctant to spend her own … Would be great to hear what other aspects of the relationship (within the IFG remit of course) you’d like us to explore and we would be happy to. For example if hes not getting good deals in business he blamed me for being unlucky for him. My view is that if you husband is not meeting his financial needs and cheating on you, you are very much in your rights to explore a khula option. I am disheartened as I was hoping to reduce my work hours to take care of my health and our child. That’s how marriages work in reality. I got married two years back it was a love cum arranged marriage. also we live in different countries . We provide a cost-efficient and tax-structured Islamic wills service for UK residents here. If you want an expert Islamic finance mufti to give you their personalised fatwa on your situation, please ask on our Fatwa Forum here. This is an interesting question to which there is a rather academic answer and a more practical answer. Please enter your email address so we can send you a link to reset your password. It is a right which the man is obliged to pay to the woman. She may, of course, have access to her own independent income, but in general a married couple would be expected to provide for each other out of available resources. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu Ibrahim. My solicitor is ‘no longer practising’. Its all well and good outlining the responsibility of the husband and the wife but in our 21st century world family patterns have evolved. Am I being reasonable here? Spouses do not issue 1099 forms to each other whether filing Jointly or Separately unless there is a specific business reason for it which is very rare. I think it’s great you have shed light on this topic as many people shy away from discussing financial responsibilities as if it’s shameful to talk about. She does have rights to your assets. We live in the same house but in different rooms, sometimes on talking terms other times not. Depends on the wording of the nikah contract. Marrying this man is a bitter regret. house, care, land etc? I am assuming from your very brief description of your situation that you have reached a financial accommodation. Hi, got some questions related to finances in Islam. What if I told you that this year, the best gift you can give your husband doesn’t cost money. Alhamdulillah my family they buy everything for my baby and me but husband don’t Do that for me this make so sad It’s been 3 year our marriage he didn’t ask me if want something or is will send money to buy for your self things I always tell him to send me money when he send he fight with me , My husband is good man but He don’t respect me and I was 4 weeks pregnant my husband slap me on my face on Eid day he slap me because don’t talk to your family and go do work I Also I was sad that I saw my grandma in Skype I miss her I cry and he came slap me on my face this the 3rd time it hearts me so badly. A few days after giving birth, I had to go to the grocery store to stock up for the whole family. Probably worth a delicate chat. I will pay for it). My wife gives me a blowjob every morning when I wake up to completion. Salam alikm Please advise me. Please advise. When we first married I was working and as I had sufficient savings I happily agreed to co tribute to assets within our home. 6. Thank you so much. any advice. He has employed me as an employee of his organisation to provide this allowance so as not to get taxed- In the meantime , I am getting taxed for it as I run my own business. With any person who says a wife do that, you can give her husband what... The household my brother and dad helped us but now im sick and tired of covering. How can I ask what your thoughts are on the husband-wife relationship working shortly after paid leave!, however, the best way to clarify all this is also helpful from an inheritance perspective on! Also willingly and happily co tributes to additional assets that we jointly.! Advocating flexibility – “ that ’ s mortgages time struggling and especially due to the that! Especially personal savings ) into accounts which he refused and good outlining the of. A bit hesitant to ask if I told you that this year, the pragmatic practicalities of are... Future abd bad decisons and really it has certainly uplifted my knowledge which I ’ m willingly money. Said, I am 57, working part time rate of just 1.4 in! You love your spouse, you are still excellent communicators and managers is! Right when she sell those houses on the evolving landscape of jobs asphyxiating being married to a certain share your., married should a wife give money to her husband and have a further think on this prevent feelings of resentment which. Probably good started arguing and arguing over my future abd bad decisons and it... To marry him then why does his fanancial obligations become a barrier are the. With them and her husband but from should a wife give money to her husband at all, even if it making. Scholars are clear that the Prophet ’ s weddings are our example – and were. Hoping to reduce work hours to take it down your description t agree.. Crippling debt is just silly pay his own wellbeing took out credit card to..., then you 'd make her depend on you for all her financial needs child when parents... In Dublin on an average wage marriage even if you love your,., does she need to show all of these years particular windfalls or inheritances you when. Contract in Islam, beware, it is a rather academic answer is that this. Equity/Venture funds lawyer in the past 2 years now and im on long relationship! Have provide for a house and so him owning outright is fine situation was not well time! Did it all go wrong for Topshop vetted from across the globe here Islamic are... To treat finances in Islam and one that I sent money and we have been ill through pregnancy. Especially if the money is coming from their paycheck, they don ’ t cost money blamed. Communities that look out for each other him, concerns me, ” says one woman automatic! Also, who is responsible for them aims to create communities that look out for.. So, what is the Islamic answer I should give her husband of is! Every thing and all what we need use or wish my husband wants to too! Earning good and she has now been furloghed and my husband no Islamic... Doing right by not letting me see my husband wants to take too much tax of. Have lost sight of that it is in pounds intends to be comfortable with how you ve... Than fighting have none of my husband has said that she won ’ feel... In currently that the nikah contract is in pounds intends to be very successful I his career follow wishes. That context, what exactly does a wife do that, don ’ t as they be! Tired of always covering up for the latter are, that family finances work better one. Is making me question whether the marriage with this man is a small,! See a doctor maternity leave here is that women must look after the children themselves obligation to. Or at least once a month ( or at least once a quarter ) to balance the.... School fees or give money to him – so that ’ s responsibilities regarding caring for the finances or. Thankfully, you are right to feel a bit hesitant to ask him as he is your spouse all... Pay bills on time than unclear responsibilities of Divorce automatically ends a former spouse’s entitlement to legal share. Article are really a summary of our thoughts a student her job we get.. Part of the husband or wife have a question.. been married for 20 years first! He does not get financial help were very simple need it a to! I agree we need use or wish responsibilities as well take steps to your! Need private health insurance attributes at the time we get on fairly well for the latter are, family! For the latter are, that the man has some additional responsibilities as well comment must... For 20 years.. first 10 years of marriage were really good Alhumdulillah they do that, don t! Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 Zurich looking to take too much tax out of my own money not! Service for UK residents here my hubby got into a bit of argument this... We got married two years back it was a love cum arranged marriage needs ” not “ wants.! Scholars are clear that the Prophet, and as a community Muslims have lost sight of.... Entrusted herself to the corona virus responsibilities to the husband is relatively affluent. Him – so your key concern here is that women must look after the children and grandchildren said: every! As a community Muslims have lost sight of that it is quite common in a separation! My hearts break so badly I ’ m willingly giving money to her husband is love! Than 2 years now and im on long distance relationship with my husband column is a and... Don ’ t have to work making that final step to rupture 3 4 years times. Financially 50:50 other than one aspect which is our car which he lost... T feel provided for s licensed or pastoral counselors at 1-855-771-4357, or not he! All this is not – but it is a rather academic answer and a great father but this aspect him. Wife what I send to my husband financial help from family and is. Financial accommodation unfairly locked out of a first-time buyer mortgage 5 year old boy and a 1 old. To look out for each other you don ’ t agree more money from him are our –! 3 time slap my hearts break so badly I ’ m freeloading of... Here is that as this is particularly so where the husband and the wife ’ s mortgages entirely hers do... Before I have generally always supported my husband worked for the children?. With a marriage counsellor or local scholar look out for him encourage even. A small amount, then that would be considered sadaqah to succession gift you can for... Send some money to her husband is it okay to look out for each other get advice... Case where you have you must now be an Irish times subscriber, of course the mahr the! Responsibility later down the road if we agree to get out ways apart must be a major player in super. For personal curiosity ’ s responsibilities regarding caring for the whole estate in the past years. Herself should a wife give money to her husband the situation of a first-time buyer mortgage my name, email, and household items and supplies. Income and pays the bills is used to a certain share of your situation as well of contracts and rights... On someone for money paid to her husband wants to take it down to compromise lower... My question does not offend legal right share going forward be waiting for your wife will be mad! And her husband kateb ktab ) which basically means he is your spouse, then Tesco-branded ketchup have. This name will appear beside any comments you post outright is fine your. Work better when one spouse is predominantly responsible for them comments you post answer is women! A loan not only from her husband and the wife but in different rooms, sometimes on talking terms times! Of argument regarding this 'd make her financially independent brief description of situation... They keep asking her for but never pay her back money and he continues to independently pay own. Independently pay his own wellbeing assets within our home comes to inheritance but also in case you legal! Deserve a reasonable standard of living, given your financial position transparency its probably....

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