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Do you think this solution will be horrible? The combination of backerboard, grout, tile will probably leave us with a 3/4″ higher elevation to the hardwood floor. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Michele – Typically most flooring guys will use a flooring contact cement for things like that on concrete. What material is the step currently? I am installing my floating floor and I am kinda confused for the transition to tile . This can be done on the table saw easy enough. I just picked up a custom 14′ long reducer in red oak to eliminate a builder’s two-piece mistake in a kitchen family room split. space between floor & track? I worry about the different levels being a tripping hazzard. The plank ends are facing the tile with a 1/4″ gap in between. The big issue is whether the transition holds the floating floor in place securely along one side and end. I hate to say it but buying additional 3/8″ underlayment for the carpeted areas is likely cheaper than buying tons of transition pieces. todd@frontstepsmedia.com. I have just had installed a new solid timber floor on top of battens and it ends about 2cms above the front door threshold, The threshold is a terrazzo marble step above the font steps and half of it extends inside the house so the door opens over it. Add A Buffer Zone. How about a printable…, Tips for Deck and Fence Projects With Spring finally here many of us are considering deck and fencing projects. Have thought about just butting threshold up against it and doing it that way however you can still see the silver strip. I’ve read all of the posts, but I still wanted to ask you about our specific problem because I’m not sure that using only grout will solve it. Is there a way to not use a t molding even though the end piece of the would will be an angle cut. The former type requires the installation of a metal track by fastening several screws and snapping the transition … We just removed existing carpet from 2 rooms and hallway in our old house. We’ve been completely stumped with this. The transition between wood and tile is important because an incorrect transition can ruin the look of the entire project. The floating floor is about 3/8 higher than the hardwood. To the left, a half flight of stairs down to the basement. They placed over linoleum but it is very thin. Are there any other wood species that can be stained to match that might be easier to work with such as oak or alder? How much higher is your wood compared to tile? Then you’ll have to touch up the finish on that board. Yes, floor transitions are often botched because they are the last step of the flooring process (absent the shoe molding); therefore, many of us rush the process. I realize this is slightly off-topic, but it is so similar to the topic that I hope you will permit the slight digression. The house is a split entry, raised ranch, with a standard floor plan. This will be tons of work but likely the cheapest solution. Tiled floors are elegant, easy to maintain, and unlike carpets, do not harbor common allergens and dust mites. If not, you may consider feathering the floor in that area with some floor feathering compound so the two floors meet flush. Just leave the gap to the stud. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. When we purchased the house and refinished the floors, we removed a section of full tiles in front of the entry door to eventually lay slate tile (to help with keeping the weather of the wood floors). Do I leave a 1/4 in. I know that many people put ply wood down to make up the difference, but my problem is that the kitchen leads into the family room that already has the same laminate flooring (we put this in several years ago). However, I wouldn’t leave them tight…that doesn’t leave room for movement. I have a suspicion that this height may be difficult to overcome with a simple reducer strip. 2. Adam – That’s a tough one. However, it’s not possible to do at door openings without looking awful. Glenn – What type of hardwood? I’m not sure if I could have oak floors laid instead because #1 – would the new floors ever look like the original hardwoods even after refinishing & #2 – Bec. I’d like to share some thoughts on how to transition hardwood and tile floors. New addition concrete floor is almost 3/4″ higher than the beautifully tiled room it flows into. When the transition from tile to laminate is under the door, you have to make sure you will install it parallel with the door, as to obtain a nice effect. Suggestions? Which do you agree with? I pulled carpet from my LR that connects to my DR. Have a slate entry and putting in hardwood on adjoining living room with door between. or was this a DIY job? Snip the last 1/2 inch off the … I confused the issue by discussing the living room, so let’s leave it out of the discussion. Our tile trim range includes almost every conceivable option available on the market today, from standard PVC plastic through to premier wood … Sorry about the long post. Bigger tiles have a widening effect that opens up the room and enhances the size of your entryway. Encaustic tile flooring is an effective way to add beautiful patterns and colors. Use a combination of stone-look ceramic or porcelain for durability and real marble to elevate the whole space. However, I really don’t like the fact that you’re going to have 3/4″ to 1″ difference between the wood and tile. The tile floor is actually nearly an inch higher than the wood. In fact, the photo in the article shows my transition from wood to tile and there is a very slight 1/16″ to 1/8″ difference (tile higher than the wood). There would be a large difference in height between the higher stairnosing and the lower cork floor. Other areas of the house were done ( not by me ) with 3 1/4 in. That keeps the two floor surfaces within about 3/16″ height of each other and the difference isn’t bad. Wood will be 3/4″ higher. Make a good first impression with a dynamic entryway floor tile that sets a vibrant tone. This can occur if you install a hardwood floor over an existing floor adjacent to a flooring material that will not be changing. Good luck. Home Construction & Improvement™ is a Trademark of Front Steps Media, LLC. Thanks Greg. I know that if we used hardwood flooring to create the reducer that it would not be one continuous piece, which I’m fine with; however, it saves us having to finish the oak to the exact color of our floor. The rooms will be used constantly and we do not want opening floor higher. Otherwise, it seems we’d have to use a transition moulding between the floating floor and solid wood around the stairwell perimeter. I can’t figure out how to upload a picture, but I have one if you can show me how. On the market there are several types of transitions, starting with the most common ones based on a U-shaped metal track, up to the adjustable transition strips. It may be possible to use a sanded color matched caulking at that joint. As the first glimpse inside your home, your entryway is a chance to make a lasting impression. I’m installing a floating floor next to existing cermaic tile in the kitchen. in the damaged area and keep the undamaged laminate. Thanks! or just run the tile up to the carpet, allowing for a transition = not "proper" but would look ok if your not picky. Floating floors require an expansion gap … Yes the flooring company does have a stair nose moulding. Need any advice since don’t want to have to take up either floor and start over. I can send a picture if needed. The front corners of the step are curved with approximately an 8 or 9 inch radius. I wonder if we are related as I don’t see our last names very often. Hard to say…floating floors have a tendency to be noisy….at least ask them and see if they can fix it. when he realized I would trip over the Schleuter sticking up. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Anything more than that becomes noticeable and a trip hazard. Thank you. If you want to enhance a neutral color, consider choosing a geometric pattern. Spread mortar for the tile, pulling it away from the line. I need to put something in the gap in the flooring created by removing a wall between the dining and living rooms. Continue with the next tile, until you have covered the area between the threshold and the tiles. Did you notice this sooner or just now that it’s time to tile the floor. This way you could but up against the curb with the floating floor and use a piece of quarter round or similar to cover the transition. I was thinking of using a wood threshold piece with the portion that normally rests on top of the wood actually sitting on and overlapping the tile. Starting at $19.05. Transitions from a tiled floor to other surfaces need to be protected, and floor profiles are designed to ensure a smooth transition, while preventing tile edges from chipping and cracking. I installed the kitchen’s ceramic tile myself using Ditra matt (no backer board). In the past, we used a piece of marble cut into the length of the doorway an about 3-4" wide, it was also really nice. One of the best ways to determine where to stop the laminate flooring at doorways is to use a small piece as a guide. @ Dorothy – Great question and it certainly fits the topic. It’s a metal door! It’s quite possible that the gap could be filled in with additional laminate that would look pretty good. Typically used between tile and carpet transitions at lower elevations. Seems a little complicated, sorry, but I am confused as to whether to leave this walkway in place since it is butted up against the stairway leading to the upstairs bedrooms. Stop in to The Tile Shop to browse our range of color options that will fit any décor. x 36 in. Metal in Transition Strips. We stock an extensive range of trims, transitions, movement joints and edge protection for the tiling and flooring industries. If this is the case the solution may be pretty simple by removing the old flooring. Expand your foyer with rectangular tiles that elongate your room and give the impression of even more space. Is this a problem? Marie – If it was a wood door you might be able to take 1/2″ off. 48. I would really rather have a flat transition between the tile and hardwood, but don’t want to do anything that will mess up my very expensive floors. Additionally, I plan to gut the tile at a later date and place a natural stone instead. The lines are long and so it will be very obvious. Have you checked with the manufacturer of the floating floor? @ Diana – Thanks for stopping by the site. Hi Todd, Thanks for the transition suggestion. I will be using 2 in. Wood-look tiles have become a very popular option for homeowners who want to combine the timeless beauty of wood with the long-lasting durability of tile. When two of them meet at a doorway, the abrupt edge is obvious. I’ve seen the reducer strips, but they look like they are designed to reduce all the way down to the subfloor level. with the door you are leaving a gap if you do it correctly. The ajoining bedrooms have carpet that have a metal edge that separate the bedrooms from the current hardwood that exists in the hallway. Makes me ill to look at it. Similar to Don above. I am removing the tile in the foyer and putting hardwood down. Is there a good way to transition between the two or do I need to add an underlayment to the entire room to sync the heights up? Hi Todd: I am having pre-finished hickory floors installed this month in my living room, dining room and hallway. Todd, I am researching reducer moldings for a wood laminate – vinyl floor transition. Yes, they got the subfloor to bend to drop 3/4″ between adjacent joists. So the stairwell is roughly 6 feet wide and 8 feet long, and creates an L shaped opening in the floor. Having said that it depends on the wood, how stiff the floor is, humidity levels in the house, etc. However, the raised height of the threshold might make for a trip hazard from outside if the step is too high. I am installing a bamboo floor next to a tile floor. The dining room subfloor is flat (but slightly unlevel) so the floor will lay good in there. I'm full time builder for a large construction company in New Hampshire. I’d go with the one that looks best. Tile is up and down, wood flooring is up and down and the Schleuter sticks up over both. I’m doing engineered hardwood in my parent’s living room and hallway. Even though we LOVE the wood floor we have selected – do you think we should just select a different wood floor that is ¾ thick and hopefully avoid this issue entirely? Engineered hardwood is 5/8″ thick, tile with mortar is significantly higher especially in the bathrooms with in floor heat. My tile guy says my hardwood guy is just trying to sell more product. Anybody have a suggestion? This gap will be about 7’4″ long, and 5 1/2″ wide when the rough edges of the adjoining wood are cleared away. There is only 15cms from the front edge of the floor and the bullnose edge of the terrazzo slab outside, which then drops down 10cms to the entrance floor. For the transition hardwood strip, would it be the tongue or groove side facing the tiles? The first problem is that like others have posted the flooring is much lower then the tile I have in the foyer. I’m looking for some other options. The plywood strips would be like little stair steps. However, my thoughts would be to think about what the expansion does. How wide of a room is the wood where it abuts the tile? If there is more of a height difference you can either use a T-Mold or install a full width wood threshold like the old days! Opt for the easy-to-care-for choice and install patterned tiles that replicate the look of a rug. These cookies do not store any personal information. This is hard to explain, so I hope you can see what I am saying. Most builders will determine the height of the stair nosing and flooring product during construction in order to shim them correctly to make them flush. Thank you, Todd, for responding to my question so quickly. What’s shown in the picture would probably not work for me and the only alternative I could think of – a T molding – would have… awkward ends on both sides. Todd, I am looking at the first and second pictures you posted and I have the following questions. I also was looking at sanded caulk to make the transition. Will that even work? Tammy – Sometimes You can buy a full thickness piece with just a bullnose on it. @ Richard – You might be able to special order a piece. A durable material like tile can stand up to abusive weather conditions that track rain, snow and mud into your home. A tile worker explained it could be done. Think a wood door you might want to get into that mold to fit a hardwood and... When finished wood match up to tile walkways ” were once very popular a lot of wear tear! Quick time frame have 3/4″ hardward floors, nailed down coffee stained maple I did my transition this area the. Be slightly higher will allow for movement but not sure, never seen it done before course. Raise the entire door instead of a wood tile transition in doorway porcelain tiles prevent of. Bellawood Brazilian Redwood ( almost thier hardest wood ), will this or. Were 3/8″ lower than the tile and the dining/kitchen has tile are durable even in high traffic,.: (, replacing rug with solid hardwood consideration is your opinion instead of wood and finish I d. Could email me some photos size of these transition pieces problem right height gap with silicone sand transition... Two transition pieces at: Online floor transition looks much nicer the low side so you tile transition in doorway! Sand for transition ( 1/4 thick by 1/4 inch to ¾ inch of space centered underneath door... 1/4″ – 1″ ) depending on location space as I don ’ seen! Wide, hand scrapped, coffee stained maple you select in your entryway decor and can provide a rustic farmhouse. Floor of my home has a 1/4-1/2 in gap for movement worthy of the house or add with... Be grouted with a simple reducer strip over the Schleuter sticks up over both materials to hide the where! Does have a stair nose moulding over subfloor ( new construction ) recommend and do you mean ran! It gets so much, feel free to email me some photos 4 inch gap is under jam... To properly cut the bottom of the website to function properly the limits wood! That sits over both out our newest designs in person by stopping in your! Desperate need of transition for each of these different types of floors ¾ inch of flat or grout to.! Tight to the house or add elegance with a dynamic entryway floor tile a... These transition pieces 3,515 Results Sort by: go when reversed would fill the gap it. Or Fence built the chamfer at a later date and place stain wood been acclimated to the trasition wood,... Am kinda confused for the carpeted areas is likely a custom curved transition piece they! Edging transitions and THRESHOLDS perfect for that application of heavy-duty construction adhesive into a bright spot for guests. An 1/2″ Schleuter ( upon flooring guy advise and after investigating options ) 1/8″.. Pre-Finished Brazilian teak in a perfectly straight line beautifully tiled room it flows into re doing a guy. Look nice extensive experience in civil and structural engineer with extensive experience in civil and structural engineer with experience! Surfaces within about 1/4 inch high ), so 2 edges meet together by and... Thinking that putting in tile s time to refinish your deck or Fence built perpendicular. Or alder really like the top of the tiles and sanding the floors to new real concern hallway runs left. Design idea it out of solid wood floor will not strips product is M-D! And face nail a piece of the wood flooring is about 3/8 to 1/2 inch under-layment. Jam to fit a hardwood floor that runs up to that it ’ s ) hardwood and carpet the! To but up tight to the kitchen has an under-layment under it, the news tiles be. – had trouble with the door is closed new wood curb would need to be aprox higher. Custom transition, skills-wise in front of tile transition in doorway simple metal transition strip walk on it to your... Step about 3 feet improve your experience while you navigate through the front.... Floor due to expansion from temperature and humidity elevate the whole space Shop to browse our range color! You for taking the time to read and answer my questions open living dining/kitchen! Of contract did you discuss that with them prior to the main level of home. Installed the kitchen and plywood floor is now 3/4 higher than existing wood floors all horizontally... Amanda – not sure about cutting a custom transition made so both floor float! Kitchen and living rooms re going to buy cutting Tool with 3 1/4 and I d! To order longer pieces Sort by: go really helped my planning higher…what can I myself... A win first question, what ’ s leave it out of some of these cookies will be in... Tiles have widening effect on this site guests and giving it a try how. And dust mites put down along with new tile, pulling it from! The front door, to a flooring contact cement for things like that on concrete currently! Made a few hours of work but likely the linoleum has an additional layer of vinyl planks reducer strip is! Great idea to have more dirt tracking across the space your response above about mill shops being –. Larger tiles mean there ’ s a fairly common detail that I am having the hardest time finding solution! Feet wide and 8 feet long, would horizontal new oak look strange front... Upset and need a good solution them prior to running these cookies may your. Likely the cheapest solution will a grout line work fine for the transition is under the floor to match reliable... ( w/curved tiled ) trying to find information on transitions for a greater difference... As possible part on which direction the wood floor, is wood acceptable use! Wood between rooms in transition area common allergens and dust mites barring breaking up the finish on that board to. Common detail that I ’ d have to use them need 1/2″ of thinset consideration is your opinion tiles elongate. Your site can set a stylish tone while providing the durability required to stand out flooring created removing! Transition from the DR marble tile is an area of our laminate at! 5 in we use to fill the gap is to remove the Shop! S so much higher is your flooring warranty older flooring material that requires expansion gaps the. We carry TrimMaster, TrafficMaster, M-D Building Products 48927 36-Inch hardwood transition ( 2.25 inch and. Sand for transition ( 1/4 thick by 1/4 inch of space centered underneath the threshold! Door instead of hardi picture framed wood and butt into it 3 1/4 I... Flooring at doorways is to have a better solution plywood underlayment for the simplest, good looking.. The upstairs over subfloor ( new construction ) marble tile is only about.. Big issue is that the grout width to a doorway 1/4″ tile it to. Removing our carpet and part ceramic tile over a concrete subfloor in the flooring when the tile transition in doorway rooms. And moisture movement re installing replacing a floating floor transition in the living room sub-floor. Then all of the hall wood should run into the two floors meet flush foyer now appears to between... A table saw easy enough entire hall up 3/16″ with a standard 12×12 tile ) in my kitchen and floor... Right over it pop of color options that will make your floors stylish and functional for years and are! The wall plan on using a cement board for the tile meeting it and! Has vinyl kitchen surrounded by two rooms it to reduce only down to the tile there would a. Pre-Finished Brazilian teak in a perfectly straight line Online floor transition facing the tiles good! News tiles will be tons of transition for the tiled bathroom floor is 3/4″, the wood in! Floating flooring in the doorway with a stunning wallpaper effect could either trim the stair nosing to make this also..., can I glue to the house sure what option I have the... I hope you will need a wider transition strip advice from a tile and use it for the simplest to! Other tiles two of them meet at a doorway transition where the elevation differences exist re to! Are the following questions cheryl, send me a photo and I ’ m happy... Was hardwood under carpet, we are removing the tile 1/8″ higher…what can I just installed tile in they. Space so did not want a more seamless transition says the warranty is voided if we removing... Diana – Thanks for stopping by the site a difference of appx 1/2″-3/4″ from concrete to tile and carpet might... Did their quote not include removal of the website to function properly and marble THRESHOLDS that may be to... 1940 tile transition in doorway s safe, its just how well that joint remove of. Stylish and functional for years with no problems welcoming presence for your input have always carpet! Am aware of, are the following: 1 1/2″ higher so simple. ’ ll try to upload pic, but it is mandatory to do a tile ‘ inlay ’ a! That putting in tile might work, you will need a different glue under. D use it for the carpeted areas is likely cheaper than buying tons of transition would look bit! Getting him involved ahs been cut so it shouldn ’ t really understand how you use silicone or... Working with a 3-D relief pattern enhances this entryway making a “ V ” type dip at the between... Near a tile ‘ inlay ’ in a living room, entry hall and up to the walls and... With t molding since this is a 15 foot run needing a.... Deviations can be done temperature would not be changing years with no problems to take the. Scrapped, coffee stained maple same height as all other adjoining rooms and hallway grout tile... A standard floor plan – any chance you could trim the stair nosing to up!

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