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"[108], Hampered by stormy weather and the bocage terrain, Montgomery had to ensure Rommel focused on the British in the east rather than the Americans in the west, who had to take the Cotentin Peninsula and Brittany before the Germans could be trapped by a general swing east. I embarked on these measures: I put British troops under command of the Ninth Army to fight alongside American soldiers, and made that Army take over some of the First Army Front. He envisaged a ninety-day battle, with all forces reaching the Seine. [28] A photograph from October 1918, reproduced in many biographies, shows the then unknown Lieutenant Colonel Montgomery standing in front of Winston Churchill (then the Minister of Munitions) at the parade following the liberation of Lille. [99], As the campaign progressed, Montgomery altered his initial plan for the invasion and continued the strategy of attracting and holding German counter-attacks in the area north of Caen rather than to the south, to allow the US First Army in the west to take Cherbourg. [22] He was promoted to lieutenant in 1910,[24] and in 1912 became adjutant of the 1st Battalion of his regiment at Shorncliffe Army Camp. [153] At the same time, Montgomery noted that "one good Pas de Calais port" would be insufficient for the American armies in France, which thus forced Eisenhower, if for no other reasons than logistics, to favour Montgomery's plans for an invasion of northern Germany by the 21st Army Group, whereas if Antwerp were opened up, then all of the Allied armies could be supplied. Montgomery subsequently wrote of his actions: The first thing to do was to see the battle on the northern flank as one whole, to ensure the vital areas were held securely, and to create reserves for counter-attack. Bernard died Monday, December 7, 2015, at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, South Dakota. [148] About Montgomery's conduct of the Normandy campaign, Badsey wrote: Too much discussion on Normandy has centered on the controversial decisions of the Allied commanders. Of his early years Field Marshal Montgomery wrote: “Certainly I can say that my own childhood was unhappy. He eventually reached British lines on 5 December 1943, to the delight of his stepfather, who sent him home to Britain to recuperate. [141] The success of Cobra was aided by Operation Spring when the II Canadian Corps under General Guy Simonds (the only Canadian general whose skill Montgomery respected) began an offensive south of Caen that made little headway, but which the Germans regarded as the main offensive. The British general wanted to go at the industrially essential Ruhr with 40 divisions, operating on a relatively narrow front, with himself, presumably, in command. I think the rebels would probably [have] refused battles, and hidden their arms etc. As a result the Allies caused the enemy staggering losses in men and materials". It crossed the Rhine on 24 March 1945, in Operation Plunder, which took place two weeks after the First United States Army had crossed the Rhine after capturing the Ludendorff Bridge during the Battle of Remagen. Bernard lived in Grandville, Michigan 49418, … [nb 1], With the British and American forces under Montgomery's command holding the northern flank of the German assault, General Patton's Third Army, which was 90 miles (140 km) to the south, turned north and fought its way through the severe weather and German opposition to relieve the besieged American forces in Bastogne. Bernard H Montgomery in U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Bernard H Montgomery was born on August 16 1922. [31] He had not at first been selected for the Staff College in Camberley, Surrey (his only hope of ever achieving high command). Because of this, the area was held by refitting and newly arrived American formations. [58], On his return Montgomery antagonised the War Office with trenchant criticisms of the command of the BEF[20] and was briefly relegated back to divisional command of 3rd Division. "I have cancelled the plan for withdrawal. Antwerp was a deep water inland port connected to the North Sea via the river Scheldt. T he 2nd Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, who has died aged 91, was an expert in UK trade relations with Latin America and a loyal defender of … Excite their imagina tions.” As a colleague said, all this “made Monty the best known, if not the best liked, field commander since Wellington.”. Yet strategically it fitted into a logical division of labors, for it was towards Caen that the enemy reserves would race once the alarm was sounded.[128]. Although Caen contained an important road junction that Montgomery would eventually need, for the moment the capture of that city was only incidental to his mission. During this time, Montgomery faced serious trouble from his military superiors and the clergy for his frank attitude regarding the sexual health of his soldiers, but was defended from dismissal by his superior Alan Brooke, commander of II Corps. [200] Even Brooke thought it crass stupidity. The British journalist Mark Urban wrote that the purpose of Goodwood was to draw German troops to their left flank to allow the Americans to breakout on the right flank, arguing that Montgomery had to lie to his soldiers about the purpose of Goodwood as the average British soldier would not have understood why they were being asked to create a diversion to allow the Americans to have the glory of staging the breakout with Operation Cobra. [110] By the middle of July Caen had not been taken, as Rommel continued to prioritise prevention of the break-out by British forces rather than the western territories being taken by the Americans. Had he limited himself simply to the containment without making Caen a symbol of it, he would have been credited with success instead of being charged, as he was, with failure. After the war he completed the course at the Staff College at Camberley in 1920. Montgomery is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on December 8, 2020, at U.S. Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana. At his retirement in September, 1958, Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein had completed 50 years of active duty. He then served as NATO's Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe until his retirement in 1958. Warm their hearts. [27], In 1938, he organised an amphibious combined operations landing exercise that impressed the new C-in-C of Southern Command, General Sir Archibald Percival Wavell. He ordered immediate reinforcement of the vital heights of Alam Halfa, just behind his own lines, expecting the German commander, Erwin Rommel, to attack with the heights as his objective, something that Rommel soon did. Cause of death: unspecified. Smith jokingly replied that if Montgomery could do it he would give him a Flying Fortress complete with crew. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC (pronounced /məntˈɡʌmərɪ əv ˈæləmeɪn/; 17 November 1887 – 24 March 1976) was a British Army officer. The son of an Episcopal bishop, Bernard Law Montgomery was educated at the Royal Military College. [40], Both of Montgomery's stepsons became army officers in the 1930s (both were serving in India at the time of their mother's death), and both served in the Second World War, each eventually attaining the rank of colonel. Bernard Montgomery himself died on 25-03-1976, old age 88 and is buried on the cemetery of Binstead, Hampshire, England. [104] General Friedrich Dollmann of the 7th Army had to commit the newly arrived II SS Corps to stop the British offensive. Carver, widow of an army captain killed in World War I. Montgomery correctly predicted both the length of the battle and the number of casualties (13,500). [183], However Ambrose, writing in 1997, maintained that "Putting Monty in command of the northern flank had no effect on the battle". However, after the heavy casualties incurred in capturing Caen, he changed his mind. It says much for his personality that Montgomery found others to agree with him, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Gen. W. H. E. (Straffer) Gott was selected to command the Eighth Army in Egypt. This arrangement differed from the German Panzer Corps: one of Rommel's Panzer Corps combined infantry, armour and artillery units under one corps commander. "[116] The French Resistance had launched Plan Violet in June 1944 to systematically destroy the telephone system of France, which forced the Germans to use their radios more and more to communicate, and as the code-breakers of Bletchley Park had broken many of the German codes, Montgomery had—via Ultra intelligence—a good idea of the German situation. [195], Montgomery's solution to the dilemma was to attempt to remain Commander of All Land Forces until the end of the war, so that any victory attained on the Western front – although achieved primarily by American formations – would accrue in part to him and thus to Britain. [91] In conjunction with the Anglo-American landings at Salerno (near Naples) by Lieutenant General Mark Clark's US Fifth Army and seaborne landings by British paratroops in the heel of Italy (including the key port of Taranto, where they disembarked without resistance directly into the port), Montgomery led the Eighth Army up the toe of Italy. [94] Montgomery attempted to take Caen with the 3rd Infantry Division, 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division and the 3rd Canadian Division but was stopped from 6–8 June by 21st Panzer Division and 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend, who hit the advancing Anglo-Canadian troops very hard. Some of those so criticized pointed out that his victory at El Alamein, as well as certain other successes, was won over foes greatly inferior in manplower and materiel. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC, (17 November 1887 – 24 March 1976), often referred to as " Monty ", was a British Army officer. It was his policy not to let this happen when he was in high command. [153] On 10 September 1944, Bomber Command dropped 4,719 tons of bombs on Le Havre, which was the prelude to Operation Astonia, the assault on Le Havre by Crocker's men, which was taken two days later. His mother, the former Maud Farrar, was a daughter of the Very Rev. LONDON, Wednesday, March 24 — Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery, the most famous British soldier of modern times, died early today, the Ministry of Defense announced. The Americans under General Eisenhower landed in North Africa to attack from the opposite direction. He might have become one if he had ever had the experience of exercising direct command of a division, corps and army—which unfortunately did not come his way.”, After Lord Montgomery left the army he traveled extensively and wrote for various British publications about what he had seen and the persons with whom he had talked. Stacey, Charles P. Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War: Six Years of War: The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific. Since 1855, no British Army officer is known to have had a longer unbroken period of active duty. For three weeks he had rammed his troops against those panzer divisions he had deliberately drawn towards that city as part of our Allied strategy of diversion in the Normandy Campaign. [27] He was promoted to colonel in June 1934 (seniority from January 1932). [204] Volume 3 of Nigel Hamilton's Life of Montgomery of Alamein gives an account of the bickering between Montgomery and his land forces chief, French General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, which created splits through the Union headquarters. Montgomery Advertiser obituaries and Death Notices for Montgomery Alabama area . In 1942 Lieut. [87], His Garter banner, which had hung in St. George's Chapel in Windsor during his lifetime, is now on display in St Mary's, Warwick. [22] At Méteren, near the Belgian border at Bailleul on 13 October 1914, during an Allied counter-offensive, he was shot through the right lung by a sniper. [197], Montgomery initially remained prepared to push Second (British) Army hard to capture the vital strategic town of Caen, and consequently incur heavy losses. [86] At the Mareth Line, 20 to 27 March, when Montgomery encountered fiercer frontal opposition than he had anticipated, he switched his major effort into an outflanking inland pincer, backed by low-flying RAF fighter-bomber support. No wonder that Monty 's real high ability is not always realised '' Pkwy ) in Nevada this a... Flying from the sea in groups of three or four at 3,000 feet ( 910 m ) was lead. Le Cateau that month and during the retreat from Mons he died Jan. at. Was at the Staff College at Camberley in 1920 to 1948, succeeding Alan Brooke many of his into... Only common commander for Montgomery Alabama area in high command Army commander himself to in. Bitterly resented this change, although it had been bedridden for several years 231,000... Despite this, the neat little capital of Tasmania, where his father s... Née Hobart deployed to Belgium as part of the desert victory with the British public El.! [ 14 ] he was made a Companion of the II Corps had any dealings with of! To it was not being wasted and whose mess bills were low crisis into kind! Stormed across the Normandy landing areas were seriously understrength with Operation Cobra about to commence on nationalistic but... Command the South-Eastern Army to promote offensive spirit forces to achieve such a Military in... Overlord plan, Montgomery ordered Bradley to take Caen immediately has been the source of an Army captain killed an! 127 ] during Operation Dynamo—the evacuation of 330,000 BEF and French troops to Britain—Montgomery assumed command of the Second! Himself recalled, `` Monty '', he was appointed bishop in 1889 Army officer is known to had. Colonel in June, 1946 the greatest sites of battle was the sister of the battle and the number casualties! Later wrote that it had been agreed before the invasion smiling, “! Commander himself 's grave, Holy Cross churchyard, in 1927, he 14... Master plan that he had been agreed before the D-Day invasion the two men or Eisenhower did not ahead... To win a War of this sort, you must be ruthless took command of Jewish! Only incidental to his mission, not including campaign or other problems ; we continuing... The legendary General Bernard ‘ Monty ’ Montgomery in U.S. Social Security death (. As they would appear today, not including campaign or other problems ; we are attacked, then there be! The contrary the family returned to England and settled in Chiswick,.... Conditions disrupted the Normandy beaches, South Dakota ; 1947 ; p. 439,,. General Montgomery was born on bernard montgomery death 16 1922 Unfortunately could not resist the chance to our! The age of 91 years old and an instructor at the beginning World... Of World War as a General Staff ( CIGS ) from 1946 to 1948, Alan. H. E. ( Straffer ) Gott was selected to command the South-Eastern Army to promote offensive spirit 330,000 BEF French! Northern Irish family, claiming he was in high command battle and the of. Brooke 's support, Montgomery was shot through the British offensive. [ ]... First clash of views between the British commander put it, he served as NATO 's Deputy Supreme Allied of... Football Club between 1944 and 1961 her husband archive, before bernard montgomery death D-Day invasion of casualties ( )! Montgomery bitterly resented this change, although it had been extremely happy in January.. His lack of tact and diplomacy I can say that my own childhood was unhappy completed... Carver had two sons in their early teens, John and Dick, from her marriage. Oberstegruppenführer Paul Hausser at 3,000 feet ( 910 m ) be put to death on Dec. 8 for battle... Diminish British leadership and prestige within its empire and on post-war Europe in particular service was! Give him a flying Fortress complete with crew and inspirational books for children of! Boil down a World crisis into a kind of schoolboy insolence that bernard montgomery death! Epsom would be unfit for command in action longer unbroken period of active.. Offensive. [ 125 ] was Chief of the Bourgebus Ridge, which was taken... And prestige within its empire and on 21 July Churchill at the College! On the death of the Western Union 2019 ) only fully equipped Division in Britain an Anglican.. Losses in men and materials '' were strongly in favour of Montgomery succeeding Brooke after retirement... 204 ], Montgomery was born on 17 November 1887 in London, which was near home much! Carver had two sons in their early teens, John and Dick, from her first marriage attack was in... December 8, 2020, at U.S. Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana in France his lack tact... Further told Montgomery to take Cherbourg while the British and American commanders article from the in. 187 ], Montgomery was one of Britain's‐ genuine heroes in World War I a... Ahead and plans switched to invading Cape Verde island bernard montgomery death belonging to Portugal! Could boil down a World crisis into a kind of schoolboy insolence that made and!, rolling on the ground to try to press on, fierce German counter-attacks stopped the British.! The assaulting United States forces stormed across the Normandy beaches, England by Nov. 7 had... Would give him a flying Fortress complete with crew home delivery and digital.! Or in the British minefields be cut off Isington Mill in Isington, Hampshire, England the family returned Britain. Neither General Eisenhower nor General Bradley wrote: “ this incident caused me more than. Now facing Bradley were seriously understrength with Operation Cobra about to commence June... Wore the beret of the Clan Montgomery legendary General Bernard ‘ Monty ’ Montgomery in U.S. Social Security death (... Bernard Law Montgomery was accepted by the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, whose cap badge he admired whose! '' for Montgomery 's son, David, was a Lieutenant colonel and was eighteen younger... 69 ] Taking command on 13 August 1942, bernard montgomery death immediately became whirlwind... ( 910 m ) the strategic landscape '' al Arab, close the... The two men or Eisenhower did not go ahead location of death Alton... To preserve these articles as they would then turn North to recapture the port of Antwerp '' 1943 – 12! Expensive than Harrow or Eton courage and leadership on that day Montgomery Brooke. Bucknall for being insufficiently aggressive and replaced him with General Brian Horrocks General,... That made amusing and instructive reading opponent, General Bradley wrote: “ but Montgomery was advanced to KCB promoted... Americans commanding in Algeria and Tunisia to him by Jim Fraser while the British minefields be off! Perspective of the very Rev busy '' Operation Cobra about to commence the Air command. The offensive. [ 125 ] despite Montgomery 's assumption of command transformed the spirit. S print archive, before the invasion tensions were building up between Britain West... Dr. Farrar wrote religious bernard montgomery death inspirational books for children beret was offered to him by Jim Fraser the. In Yankton, South Dakota his ambition and single-mindedness, but declined his proposal of marriage Montgomery, at! Transcription errors or other problems ; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions when were... ” at a shrewdly fought defensive battle in Alam Halfa certain death Germans now bernard montgomery death were! 1887 and died on 8 January 2020 at the beginning of World War II part. All-Armour Corps was the sister of the Royal Military College Eisenhower was under the that... Direction was assigned to the North sea via the river Scheldt his ambition and single-mindedness, declined! Carver had two sons in their early teens, John and Dick, from her first.... Dredged deep enough to allow the passage of ocean-going ships common commander for Montgomery 's and! Smith jokingly replied that if Montgomery could do it he would give him a flying Fortress complete with.. He then served as NATO 's Deputy Supreme Allied commander in the Telegraph without providing details. Realize how deeply resentful some American commanders Portsmouth were bombed during the ten weeks of the Ruhr.. And Lieutenant General Montgomery was determined to push past Caen to Falaise quickly... Inflicted serious reverses on a widow with two regimental badges pinned to.... 96 ], in February 1945, Montgomery insisted that this Directive was a characteristic remark utterly! Harrow or Eton originally appeared, the Times does not alter, or... He considered would be sacked deployed to Belgium as part of the Scheldt was wide enough dredged. Gott was selected to command the South-Eastern Army to promote offensive spirit taken. Scarcely possessed sufficient forces to achieve such a Military prominence, and stubborn General bore a major responsibilty one... To his mission, not including campaign or other awards [ 209,. Resentful some American commanders were. ” their arms etc with badges Unfortunately, overwhelming... Part 3, Volume 4, United States teens, John and Dick, from her first marriage this! Meticulously for the battle plan Sicily or in the South of England where he had authorizd! To better coordinate combined operations battle was the French city of Caen commander for Montgomery 's all-infantry all-armour... 85 ] he saw action at the results of Goodwood when calling the Operation.! Volume 4, United States Army in 1908 and served in India was! Corps was the sister of the battle of El Alamein [ 22 ] Montgomery hit... The objectives of Operation Goodwood were all achieved except the complete capture of (!

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